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Here at Rocking Patch Mini Ranch we will work with other breeders to find the right donkey that you require.  If we don't have the perfect animal, we will certainly recommend a responsible breeder in your area that can assist you.  We also are able to transport donkeys from our other breeders we work with to you for a nominal fee.  We can pre-select the right donkeys that you require and deliver directly to you, should we not have the ones you want at our location.  We make sure that what you are looking for is what we provide.   

We strongly recommend that, although you may just want a companion for yourself or for another animal, you should consider purchasing two donkeys (or more) if at all possible.  Donkeys are highly social animals that thrive better and live happier with another donkey friend.


We also endeavour to support our local veterinarians and SPCA by rescuing mistreated and neglected miniature donkeys.  As mentioned before, the donkeys' well being is always a high priority.  We nurse them back to proper health and attitude and try to place them into a proper, loving environment for the betterment of both the donkey and their new owner.


Unfortunately, we don't have any donkeys available for sale at this time.  We will be breeding this spring for foaling in spring/summer of 2022.  Also, due to Covid-19 and border closure, we are unable to deal with any of our U S breeder friends to bring any donkeys across the border. 

Should you wish to wait until then, you can still contact us to leave your name and contact information and we'd be happy to contact you when they arrive.