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Here at Rocking Patch Mini Ranch we are working with other breeders as part of the CanWest Miniature Donkey Promotional Group to find the right donkey that you require.  If we don't have the perfect animal, we will certainly recommend a responsible breeder in your area that can assist you.  We also are able to transport donkeys from our other breeders we work with to you for a nominal fee.  We can pre-select the right donkeys that you require and deliver directly to you, should we not have the ones you want at our location.  We make sure that what you are looking for is what we provide.   

We strongly recommend that, although you may just want a companion for yourself or for another animal, you should consider purchasing two donkeys (or more) if at all possible.  Donkeys are highly social animals that thrive better and live happier with another donkey friend.




"Floyd" was born August, 2008.  He stands 31" and is very correct.  He has a great temperament and would make a great addition to anyone's breeding program.  He carries a lot of red in his pedigree.  In 2009 he won his Yearling Jack Class at all three of his shows he entered.  This included the Miniature Donkey Extravaganza, Red Deer, Ab., Oregon Mule & Donkey Show, Eugene, Ore., and Northern California Miniature Donkey Show, Red Bluff, Ca. He is also very brave in nature, judging by his 2nd place finish in the Pre Green Trail Class, Red Bluff, Ca. 

He spent time in 2011 and 2012 in the U.S. at Crown Meadow Miniature Donkeys in Oregon serving as a stud to some of their prize winning jennets as well as to jennets of other American breeders.  The Crown Meadow foals sired by "Pink Floyd" have now foaled.  Should you be interested, feel free to also contact Crown Meadows ( about him or any of his foals.  he was gelded in February 2017, and he still has his loving and sweet temperament. 





Sire: Rocking Patch Pink Cadillac

Dam: Stoney Acres Tasha

Just after midnight May 5, 2010, Cimarron was born.  He was 21 3/4" at birth.  His colouring is either Dark Pink or Medium Red (time will tell).  Another square and correct boy, he is going to be an excellent show donkey.  He is gelded.

We are pleased to say that Cimarron has been sold to Gord and Gerry of Aldergrove, B.C.  He has become a companion to their gelding. They are now getting along famously, and are providing hours of enjoyment for both Gord and Gerry as they sit on their back deck watching the two play together.





"Copper" as we affectionately call him has gone to a lovely home in Saanich, BC.  He is now the companion to Elvis who recently lost his buddy.  Both Elvis and Copper are now getting along famously with Nancy and Arthur pleased to have a pair of donkeys again to fulfill their lives.




This lovely little guy was Pink Cadillac's first foal along with Rocking Patch Mercedes.  They were both born May 11, 2009.  He is a great little light sorrel, square and correct.  He has that slight mischievous attitude that has become synonymous with P C and his male relatives.  He should end out as a great performance animal or perfect companion.  He has shown at the NMDA Nationals in California in Sept. 2010 where he did very well.  He was third in Yearling Gelding Halter, and had a 1st and 2nd in Performance Classes.  He has been gelded.  He is now in the process of being trained to drive.



Sire: Rocking Patch Pink Cadillac

Dam: Styx of Rocking Patch




Eugene was born in August 2010.  He has turned out to be quite a charater.  A very social and inquisitive donkey, he will make a lovely pet or a great performance animal.  Correct build and attitude, you couldn't ask for better.  He is gelded. 

Both Coupe and Eugene were sold to Kendall Ballantine of Surrey, B. C.  Not only do they play with each other, they now have a few horses to play with on their new 40 acres.


We also endeavour to support our local veterinarians and SPCA by rescuing mistreated and neglected miniature donkeys.  As mentioned before, the donkeys' well being is always a high priority.  We nurse them back to proper health and attitude and try to place them into a proper, loving environment for the betterment of both the donkey and their new owner.





Both of these jennets were rescued from freezing and malnutrition in December, 2008.  After fully recovering and also getting the proper human care, both of these animals have become very loving and Styx in particular has quite a playful attitude.  They are mature donkeys (age between 11-15 years). 

Styx has gone to Mission, BC to be a companion for another mini jennet who recently lost her friend.

Midge, along with Kiss Me Katie of Perfection, Rocking Patch Katie's Last Kiss and Perfection's Pink Ice have been sold to Reg and Pat Esau of Greendale, BC.  All four are to be lovingly cared for by them and their 8 grandchildren.  They will also be friends to their four dwarf goats.  Many happy days are to come enjoying this managerie.




These 3 lovely standard donkeys were received from a couple, who owned a small acreage, but sold their property after 50 years.  The mom, who is near 40 yrs. and her two gelding sons, aged 14 and 16 had to find a new home as their owners did not want them to go to auction or worse.  We were able to place them with a rescue farm outside of Kelowna, BC where they will have fun with the other donkeys on site.  A good ending for all.      


Should we not have the right donkey for you (colour, type, pedigree, etc.) we are part of the Canwest Miniature Donkey Promotional Group.   Go to our "LINKS" page and contact any of the listed breeders.  Or you can also contact: Canwest Miniature Donkey Promotional Group for a responsible breeder to find what you may be looking for.