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Welcome to Rocking Patch Mini Ranch, home to several wonderful miniature Mediterranean donkeys.  Here at the ranch we raise, train, sell and absolutely LOVE our miniature donkeys.

We have a small breeding farm where we raise registered Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys (aka Miniature Sicilian Donkeys), originating from the Islands of Sardinia and Sicily.  Our breeding objective is to produce up to 4 superb quality foals per year.  We also board, train, and sell miniature donkeys.

We have been involved in the Equine industry for close to 40 years and with that comes an array of knowledge and experience in Dressage, Hunter/Jumpers, Breeding, Driving and Trails Training, etc.

Even though our breeding goal is to produce phenomenal babies, we still believe that the well-being of our animals is most important.  All of our animals come into the barn at night, but during the day all of the little critters are out in one of our large fields where they can run among the trees or stand under their shelter.  At the end of the day its hugs and kisses for all...


Rocking Patch Mini Ranch is a small and animal friendly 3 acres located just 75 minutes east of Vancouver, BC and only 35 minutes north and east of the Sumas, Washington border crossing.  Visitors are welcome always.  Our motto is "The animals always come first."


6432 Wilson Rd., Agassiz, BC